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down on a chair near me while the other two sat across the table from us.

“Let me make the introductions,” began Mr. Steyn and continued, “This is Mr. James McCracken, Director, Interagency Relations, and, (pointing to the comparatively younger man) this is Mr. Nathan Pattison, Director, Network Control. These are the two most important gentlemen in the division to which I belong.” Then, addressing the two of them, he said, “And, here is ROBIN, the Ghost who has been helping us for the last two years without being a part of our organization. The Ghost, the Phantom, the Shadow whom our men could not locate, leave alone catch.” The two of them sat there stone-faced. I had never seen anyone with as much lack of expression as those two. There wasn’t any appreciation, any disdain, any acknowledgment, anything.

Then, Mr. Steyn turned his attention back to me. “I am sure you must be wondering about what is it that WE want from you as a member of our organization. Now, it is a fact that you have been working under the radar for the last two years, at least, escaping detection not only from our specialists but also the rogue hackers all over the world. Had it not been for your good friend, we might have never found out about you. What impressed us most was the fact that even though you were present everywhere, there was no digital signature that you had left anywhere, no bread crumbs, no footprints, nothing. And, that is what we are looking for in our cyber experts. Now, our experts are actual experts and amongst the best in the game. But, the problem is that like any other agency in the world, all of them are good at offense. They are hard-hitters going