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straight into open attacks and launch themselves massively. But, the problem with this approach is that every opponent that we face uses the same approach be it the R_______s, the C______e, the P____s, or anyone else, and, as a result we accord them as much space to infiltrate as they give us. But, you . . . . You are different. You have a strong multipronged defense that ultimately ensnares the opponent and strangulates him without revealing your identity or anything about you. Our experts have studied your method and as per them, it is to cyber-defense what Stealth jets are to the Air Force.”

He, then, took a slight pause, looked over at the other two seated across the table, and, continued, “We would like you to join our Cyber Task Force that has been created with an aim to strengthen our defense measures. After all, our networks are the most attacked networks in the world. It is an elite group that we are creating by hand-picking some of the best computer experts and, since you have proved yourself to be the best of the best, we would like you to be a part of it. The fact that you had agreed to be a part of the FBI told us that you intend to use your skills for the benefit of our country. Therefore, we are offering you this opportunity, which is even bigger for you as far as using your skills is concerned and the amount of resources available to you. You would have unlimited resources at your disposal, latest technology, fastest computers, and a combined intellect of some of the best minds in the country. Now it is up to you to decide whether you would like to go to the big league or start off with the minors.”

My heart was beating much faster than usual and was pushing me to go ahead and jump up and grab the