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opportunity, but, my mind was still thinking over it. There was a long silence in the room with three pairs of eyes looking at me earnestly.

“Take your time. We will just come back in a few minutes,” said Mr. Steyn and got up to go out of the room along with the others. But, even before he could completely get up from his seat, I blurted out quite suddenly, “I will do it. Count me in.”

A big smile stretched itself on Mr. Steyn’s face as he looked at the other two who nodded in affirmative perhaps giving a go ahead to Mr. Steyn for his plans. He got up and stretched out his hand to shake mine.

“But, I have a condition,” I said without shaking his outstretched hand.

“And, what would that be?” asked Daniel while taking his hand back.

“I have never worked on anyone else’s terms. I work on my own terms. I would like to be the boss of my work,” I replied.

“We wanted to keep it that way in any case. You would head the programming team of our new project. You would not be answering to anyone except me, and I, in turn, would be answerable to my bosses. So, if you are okay with this arrangement, I would like to welcome you aboard,” he said, and, stretched out his hand to shake mine.