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facade. And, quite obviously since it housed some of the most important divisions of the Department of Defense and other agencies, most of the offices lacked windows. Mr. Steyn was quite a friendly person and talkative as well. He told me a lot about the building while he went through his usual business and while we were waiting for approvals for me. He told me about the “Purple Water Fountain” in the 08th Corridor on the Mezzanine level; about the “Bomber Bar” (a bar exclusively for the Air Force Pilots and honored guests); and a lot many things I never knew about. At around 1600 hours, the building appeared quite deserted compared to the day, as the masses rolled out by that time.

While I was following Mr. Steyn all around, I started observing him much more closely. Till that time, I had been lost in my thoughts and the confusions to actually pay much attention to him and his personality. However, my first day of orientation gave me enough time to observe him. He was not a big man, 5'10" at the maximum, but was well built. I did not know his age at that time but could easily assume that he was no less than forty-five years of age. Clean-shaven but with a lot of Grey sprinkled all over his head in such a manner that it told the other people that the silver was not due to age but most probably by experience. He carried himself well but I could not help but notice the slightly drooping shoulders and his tendency to continuously lose himself in his thoughts and come back to the world with a jerk. A good smattering of criss-cross lines all over his face often forced others to miscalculate his age and take him to be much older than his real age. He was wearing a good suit, which was not top of the line but was decent enough. I always thought, and I still believe it to be true, that he wore a pair of spectacles not because