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he needed it but to hide his eyes from a clear observation because his eyes were a clear giveaway to his thoughts and feelings. His face was usually within his control, but his eyes, they were a different story altogether. 

All during the day, there was one question that kept cropping up and hovering around in my mind, which was, “Why were we at the Pentagon and not at the CIA headquarters?” After all, we were to work on some project for the CIA. We left the Pentagon around 1700 hours, and by that time my curiosity had taken the best of me and I could not control myself anymore. While sitting at a table in a restaurant which Mr. Steyn said was amongst the best low-budget eatery in DC, I popped up the question finally:

“I thought we would be going to Langley but instead of doing that we ended up spending time at the Pentagon and that too without doing anything. Is there anything I am missing in all this Mr. Steyn?”

“I have been waiting for this question since the morning. I am quite surprised that you did not ask this the whole day. If it is because you feel hesitant talking to me or asking about stuff from me, let me assure you that I am your boss only for operational purposes and you can consider me as your friend off the paper. Let’s start off with taking away the formalities between us. From now on, do not address me formally. You can call me Daniel. As for your question, there are a lot of things that I have to tell you and a lot of information that you need to process in your brain. I took you to the Pentagon because that is where our new offices would be and I wanted you to get comfortable with the