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“In its more than a hundred year old history, the CIA has been formed of four directorates, the Directorate of Intelligence, the National Clandestine Service, the Directorate of Support, and, the Directorate of Science and Technology. Similarly, there are separate divisions within NSA as well. Now, there would be a new division that would be carved out of the Directorate of Support and the Directorate of Science and Technology from CIA and similar wings from the NSA, which would be called the Directorate of Network Administration or DNA for short. We would be a part of that division. However, the headquarters of that division would neither be at Langley (CIA headquarters) or Fort Meade (NSA headquarters). We would be operating out of CYBERIA . . .”


“Yes, Cyberia. It is spelt C-Y-B-E-R-I-A. It is the name of the project site where we would work alongside resources from other intelligence agencies, from the Armed Forces and the Research wings. That project site is located at level B-6 (B Minus Six or Six levels below the Basement) of the Pentagon . . . .”

“B-6? I thought the lowest level was the Basement,” I said almost incredulously.

“Well, for the world, Basement is the lowest level of the pentagon. However, there are six other levels located below the basement. After the infamous “9/11” attacks on the Pentagon fifteen years ago, there were some structural changes that were made in the building. It was strengthened, fortified, and various other security