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In Daniel’s words, “The project would take at least a year to be operational and by that time, you would need to know about each and every person involved in the project and everything about their lives. You also need to know everything about everyone who matters at the Pentagon, Langley and most importantly, the White House.” 

And, I did just that. That one year was definitely well-spent as far as gathering knowledge about others was concerned.

* * *

After spending a year at Langley, Daniel took me to our project site CYBERIA, located at level “B-6” at the
Pentagon, in April 2017. We first went to the Basement level which was known to everyone. However, what no one knew about was the presence of a secret passageway at the Western edge. The entrance was not easily visible and the entry-point leading to the gallery, at the end of which the entrance lay, was guarded round the clock, with no entry to any unauthorized personnel.

The entrance had a double-door access. At the first door, certain hidden sensors used to automatically conduct a facial scan and a body-scan and used to match the two with the photographic records maintained on a server that was managed from inside CYBERIA. While the system matched the records, it also opened up the complete profile, of the person trying to obtain access, for use at the second door. Once across the first door, one used to come to the second door that had a central panel that opened up only when the first door had closed down completely. That panel conducted a Five-point scan on the person.