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provided that information. Then, each lift could be opened only with the help of access codes that were specific to each and every individual working on that particular level, and those codes were changed every day on a random basis. Every day when a person left the facility, he or she obtained the password for the next day from the server and had to use that to leave the premises and enter the next day.

On my first visit to CYBERIA project site, I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer size of the site. The elevator opened into a multitude of cabins that had no name tabs at that time as they had not been allocated to anyone till then. After walking about three hundred (300) meters through a maze flanked by cabins on both sides, we reached a huge open space, which was central to the whole site plan and at least a hundred (100) meters away from any edge of the site with plenty of cabins, labs and other rooms built in between. As per what Daniel had told me at that time and from what I gathered during my time spent associated with the project, I can tell you that the total size of the facility was approximately One Hundred and Fifty Thousand (1,50,000) Square Meters and was divided into various sections. The point where the elevator opened up was the Administrative section housing all administrative and support personnel like the Procurement Specialists; towards the right end of the site was the Security section where two security experts were available round the clock to monitor each and every person entering and exiting the premises as well as those working within the premises though most of their work was later handled by our Supercomputer and they were simply to watch; towards the extreme back, in the left hand corner, there was a Cooling plant that maintained an optimal temperature for the