Page 29 - Cyberion I

“Tomorrow you would meet the rest of the team that would be working on the project,” said Daniel and continued, “In fact everyone would be meeting everyone else for the first time. At the moment, there are only four people who know about the complete team; I, two of my Superiors, and, their boss. The total team comprises of seventy-six people with a multitude of specialities. There are Cyber-Experts like yourself; Hardware Specialists; Procurement Specialists who can arrange for anything that might be required for the project no matter how difficult it might be to get that thing, right from a pin to a plane, from a bullet to a missile and from a pen to a satellite; experts on Chemistry, Biology and other sciences; experts who can handle any kind of machinery; and Language Experts among others.”

And as Daniel had said, the complete team was brought to the site one by one with the last of the members pouring in almost seven hours after the first one. In addition to the seventy-six of us, there were fifty-six support and maintenance staff members as well who were a part of the project.

Once everyone had arrived, Daniel went up on a podium and started introducing everyone, one by one, to the