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I am Robin. It is not my real name though. It is my pseudo that I adopted during my days as an “e-Vigilante”; a name that I adopted when I started fighting crime online in the final year of high school. I took this name from the fictional character ‘Robin hood’. And, that was before I joined the CIA.

Today, I am at a position where I am responsible for everything that happens in this world and people look up to me for the growth and progress of the society. But, that is today. I led quite a different life a few years ago. This book is about how my life changed a few years ago and took me on the path that led me to my current status today.

I will start off from December 2015 when I was still in college completing my ‘MS’ from one of the top institutes in the world, which was located in north-eastern United States, and, would take you through my journey with the CIA that started with one of the, sorry, not one of the but THE biggest computer-project ever undertaken by mankind, and, ended in a way that I couldn’t have imagined, in fact no one could have imagined, even in my wildest dreams. But, it did happen and it changed the course of not only my life, but, it
changed the course of LIFE.

I am writing about my journey to tell the future generations how we ended up where we are today, what were the mistakes we committed and what lessons did we learn from that journey; and, how we incorporated those lessons into our world to shape our world the way it is today.