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When Daniel (pointing at Daniel) contacted you to be a part of this project, you were just a prospect and, hence, we couldn’t reveal too much to you. But now, you are a part of the project, a part of the organization, a part of us. Therefore, I believe it is time to tell all of you a bit more about the project. This project site, CYBERIA, would house the fastest Supercomputer on the planet with the largest digital storage space. This supercomputer, “CYBERION-I”, would be the hub of all government owned computer networks in the United States and its offshore territories and bases, both at state-level and federal. Nothing new or big. Isn’t it? But wait, that’s not all. It would also establish a phantom link to all kinds of private networks existing in the country. Then, we would move to other private networks around the globe and, finally, all government owned networks of each and every nation. In short, we would hack into everything computer in this world and leave our presence there to keep a track of everything happening all over the world. We would be present in each and every computer, and through that, each and every computer, every satellite, every plane, every train, every ship, every security camera, every digital camera, etc. No one would know we are watching them or keeping an eye on them. We would monitor everything happening everywhere. And, before anyone of you may ask the reason for all this, let me give you the answer.”

After a brief pause and a sip of water from a glass, he continued, “we are living in a world that is moving away from the age-old concepts of launching an invasion or attack using men and weapons resulting in huge costs both in terms of men and money. We moved from stones to swords, from swords to guns, from guns to tanks,