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was not merely a computer; it was an attempt at Artificial Intelligence at a much grander scale than ever attempted.

Even though the core team and the support team comprised of people with diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, qualifications, talents, capabilities, and, experiences, all of us blended together to such an extent that the project ran ahead of schedule and all the systems were put in place with almost a month in hand.

Let me tell you a bit about our supercomputer “CYBERION-1”.

The total size of the Core System Unit was twenty-five thousand Square Meters. The system consisted of 1,60,000 Computer Nodes comprising of a total of 3,12,00,000 Cores. And, it was not simply a giant bulk of machinery. It was the fastest computer system ever built at that time, and, no one has attempted such a machine after it (I will come to the reason of that later). The fastest supercomputer prior to our behemoth had a peak operating speed of 107 PetaFLOPS. At that time, there were attempts going on the world over to create a machine that could scale the 500 PetaFLOPS level. However, we had the best of technology at our hands. There were certain Chips that were specifically designed by the scientists and researchers at the DoD (Department of Defense) and were produced by one of the leading Chip Manufacturers on a secret basis only for our project. No one before or after us had access to that kind of technology. I would not bore you with exact and minute details of the chip and its layout, but, I can tell you that it was a definite and major improvement over the “Ivy-Bridge” layout in use at that time in most