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the extra time allowed us to conduct much more thorough and varied tests to check for any glitches and to test the true potential of the system.

Daniel arranged for some serious attacks, on a certain government-owned defense network, by some rogue hackers who were amongst the best on the dark side of the fence. They were paid a good amount to get them to arrange for their team and launch a full-bloodied massive attack. I am sure that even Howard and his superiors might not have expected as strong an offensive as launched by them. However, “CYBERION-I” proved to be too smart for them. We had no idea where were they going to strike and Daniel gave us no indications or hints to that effect whatsoever. But, it did not matter. The moment the hackers initiated an attack, the system raised red flags leading us to the network that was being targeted. However, we did not have to do anything. The system had been programmed in such a manner that it was more than capable to prevent any breach into the network without any human intervention. At the same time, it launched a counter-attack of such a magnitude that it fried the motherboards and the hard drives of the attacking computers, as well as almost the rest of the hardware, to such an extent that they were rendered totally unusable. Within five minutes, the battle was over. And, not only that, we also had the details of the technique used by the hackers to try and penetrate the network; details about the weakness in the network that they were trying to exploit; and most importantly, the system gave out the details about the exact location from where the attack was launched. It had also sent out an alert to the cyber-crimes division of the local PD with the exact location of the hackers and within 20 minutes, we received