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a communication from the system that the local PD had nabbed two of the hackers who were still at the  location when they cops reached there and hunt was on for the rest.

“CYBERION-I” had passed its first real test in an awesome manner leaving absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind about its ability as an adequate defender.

Then, we moved to the next test. Gathering intelligence.

We did not have any defined targets at the moment for us to put them on any kind of surveillance. Nor had we yet launched the system to full-scale operations for it to flag any suspects for us to follow. Therefore, we were left to pick up dummy targets from the people we knew. Someone got the system to track and monitor his neighbor back home; someone got it to track a long lost friend; a girl got it to keep an eye on her fiancĂ© who had been living in a different city for fourteen months; someone went a step ahead and got the system to try and track his dog who had been missing for more than a month. And, boy, did the system perform? It astonished us. It took control of each and every security and surveillance camera in the suspect’s vicinity, used the cellular networks to get into their mobiles, internet connections to get into their computers, and everywhere else that it could access. Within a matter of a few hours, the girl got the details about what her fiancĂ© did for the previous four months, when he left for work, when he got back, whom did he speak to, where all did he go to, who all did he meet, and etc. Shortly after that, it gave details of the missing friend to our colleague right from the new name that the friend had acquired under the WITSEC (Witness Protection) program, to his address and