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his contact number. Soon, it poured out loads of details about the nosey neighbor. The only person left was the guy who asked for his dog. Just when he was about to feel disappointed, the system gave details about the last dog shelter that the dog was sent to from an animal hospital where it was taken to by a good Samaritan as it had a leg injury; details about the hospital; about the doctor who treated his dog; about the person who took the dog to the hospital; about the in-charge of the shelter and about the caretaker who was looking after the dog at that time.

The efficiency and speed of the system was never in doubt again.

After a battery of similar tests, “CYBERION-1” was finally turned operational on the date that had been planned for the same. For the twelve months leading up to the induction of “CYBERION-I”, we had been working day and night to beat the time-line, which we successfully did. For those twelve months, our team of engineers had worked tirelessly to put the supercomputer in its place and to assemble it to perfection with every node and terminal in sync with the rest of the set-up. Our team of subject-experts (scientists from various branches of science like Biotechnology, Medicine, Chemistry, Forensics, etc. and other specialists like Weapons Specialists, Language Specialist, etc.) had also spent as many nights as days in order to update every database known to mankind in the memory of “CYBERION-1”. Then, the team of programmers, including me, had almost become zombies and had almost forgotten what it felt like to have a comfortable and long