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sleep. We had worked hard to perfect the programming of the system to make it as glitch-free as possible and to ensure that it had the best defense and the strongest offense. With the help of inputs and suggestions from other members of my team of programmers, I had managed to improve upon my “BUOYS” as well and had created a better, faster and stronger version of them.

Once the project was officially initiated, in May 2018, all of us had thought that we would be able to breathe easy for some time. However, it did not go as we had expected. Our primary aim was to safeguard and protect our networks. But, it soon became evident that the system had started working more on gathering intelligence from all networks that it had added to its control. It took the system about six months to gain control over every kind of network that it could detect. It was able to gain control over networks at such a speed that we had a real hard time trying to catch up with the system; we had decided to maintain records of everything as a back-up. The whole back-up data was sent on a daily basis in hard disks to a secure location
about a hundred and fifty miles west of our location where it was stored securely and with utmost safety for any use in future. The facility was totally detached from the outer world and there was no digital connection whatsoever.

Before the project was initiated, we had assumed that once the project would gain access over all computer networks, it would flag every possible instance of a terrorist attempt or instance that might possibly lead up to a terrorist attack or an espionage activity. However, it exceeded all our expectations. We started getting a tremendous amount of data about each and every satellite call being made