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bucks at the expense of the lives of others, including their money and their security. I believed, and I still believe, thateveryone who uses his technical skills to cause disruption or destruction should be paid back in the same currency. ‘Hacking’ is just like a gun. In wrong hands, it can only effect a crime, but, in the right hands, it can act as a means of defense, of security and of protection.

And, keeping that in mind, I decided to be in the digital world what I could not be in the real world. I used to spend any free time I had on my hand trying to watch the internet, keeping a look out for any attempted hacking and to prevent it and report it. I started doing it in the final year of high school. However, by the second year of graduation, I started realizing that I wasn’t making any considerable contribution by the methods I was using. Yes, I was a good hacker, and my methods were top-shelf, but, still, I couldn’t monitor the whole internet twenty-four hours a day and definitely not the private networks. I also realized that the most danger to the society was by the hackers who used to break into government networks to either disrupt them or to steal important data from them, or from those who would steal financial data from banks and card companies. 

To have a more effective approach and system to counter such hackers, I worked hard and developed a method that proved to be extremely effective and fruitful for me. The new method developed by me allowed me to keep an eye on all major networks without actually sitting on my computer and monitoring everything on my own. And, not only that, it took over the system’s defenses and became the first line of defense against a hack attack on a system by creating a screen between the system’s defenses and the

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