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no such digressions took place again. However, when we tried to make amendments, the system resisted and did not allow us to make any changes. We made it clear to the bosses that any amendments would be possible only if we were allowed to reprogram the system from the scratch. However, any such attempt would have cost time and would have pegged us back by at least a year. That led the bosses to give up on the idea, and, from then on, the system was free to take its own decisions and it did take many more decisions of such nature. It started sending out all information about possible crimes and the suspects to the nearest PD of that location, and, in case of crimes that happened without any planning and without the system’s anticipation, it would take out as much digital proof as it could like Video footage from surveillance cameras, emails, Call recordings, etc. to the DAs to help them implicate criminals.

About twelve months after that first digression, in June 2020, when we had started getting used to the fact that the system had expanded its anti-criminal activities beyond the states to cover all the countries with substantial digital existence like Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, etc., something happened that jolted us out of our slumber, and, threw big spanner in our plans for our future. In fact, I must say that that event changed and reshaped our future in a way that was completely unimaginable for us.

One day, while we were going through our routines, the system suddenly stopped responding. We checked everything in programming but could not find anything wrong with it. We ran all possible checks to locate the