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was not in a position to say anything immediately as he was still trying to catch his breath. In another ten minutes, the security detail in-charge for that shift also reached there. By that time, Daniel had regained his breath and was able to explain to him that our department’s air-flow system had developed a malfunction that had obstructed the inflow of air forcing us to evacuate the premises. He offered to get it checked by the mechanical maintenance staff of the Pentagon but Daniel told him that the malfunction was more of a computer glitch than a mechanical failure, and, hence, our own engineers would look into it. After a discussion for another five minutes, he left along with the rest of the security staff. Once he had left, Daniel turned to us and said:

“No one could predict that such an event could occur. We had built a system to protect all our networks, a system that was impenetrable and had the best defense mechanism with the capability to alert us to each and every suspicious and malicious undertaking in the world. And yet, today, somebody defeated our system’s defenses and took over the control of the world’s fastest and most sophisticated computer. With this system in his control, this Alexander, whoever he is, can wreak havoc with the world order in several ways. But, we cannot let that happen and right now, we are the best people in the world to do something as we were the ones who built this damn machine. Till date, we had not told any of you about the location of our secure facility where we hold all the back-up of the data churned by CYBERION-1. Tomorrow, we would all be leaving for that facility as it is only there that we can fight this menace and take back our machine. Right now, I request