Page 53 - Maximus

Next day, around half past noon, I got a call from Daniel asking me to reach Langley at the earliest. He told me that the complete team had been called there.

Once I reached there and met Daniel, he told me about the plan of action. We were to be briefed about the top secret facility, about the objectives behind the mission, and the protocols that were to be followed during the mission. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Rourke who addressed us as follows:

“About Two and a Half years ago, we had started out on a mission to create the most powerful computer in the world with the intent of safeguarding our nation against any kind of threat, be it in the real world with real weapons or in the digital world with digital ‘weapons’. And, we were successful. We did manage to gain eyes and ears all over the world with the capacity to control everything if it came to it. But, we never thought that someone could beat the most sophisticated defense mechanism in the world and not only beat it but do it without detection. I mean . . . . how could somebody gain control over a supercomputer, and that too, a supercomputer built specifically to prevent hacking. This is what we need to find out. First, who is Alexander? Second, what does he want to achieve with it? Third, how did he achieve the near impossible? Fourth,