Page 54 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

how big is his team and who do they work for? Fifth, how do we beat them and regain control over our machine? Apart from trying to find answers to these five big questions, we also need to track and monitor everything that they do with the help of our machine so that once we have regained the control we are able to bring everything back to status quo. To do this, all of you are being sent to our secret facility that we had started building at the same time we started working on CYBERION-1. I’ll be honest with you. CYBERION-1 was an experiment. We planned on creating an even more powerful machine using all the data we accumulated while building and operating CYBERION-1. We wanted to make use of its faults and shortcomings in order to create the perfect machine. We also wanted to go beyond the domain of the digital world and stake our control over the domain of electronics as well. However, as of now, the sole purpose of the second facility is to get back the control of CYBERION-1 and with it everything digital on the planet. So, I would like to wish all of you best of luck. Go and win it back.”

After that, we were asked to get on five buses that were to take us to the new facility. The buses were quite different from a normal bus. They were completely closed from all sides except the driver’s. Once inside, we couldn’t see anything of the outside. Since there was a partition between the passenger section and the driver’s cabin, which too was metallic, we couldn’t see from there as well. It wasn’t like there were windows in the bus that had been blackened out or curtained, there were simply no windows inside the buses. The passenger section was a complete metal body structure with only one gate and no windows, not even a keyhole to look out from. Even the