Page 55 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

communication with the driver was through a two-way communication system at the front end of the passenger section. That meant that the bosses wanted to keep the location of the site a secret and did not want even the team to know about it. A couple of years ago, we were told that the site was located just a few miles south of Langley. Keeping that in mind, I was expecting that blind drive to end in about an hour or less. However, the hours kept mounting and the buses kept going and going. They stopped after about Six-and-a-half hours of a continuous drive. Taking the speed to be a conservative sixty-sixty five miles an hour, I believed at that time that we were about 300-350 miles from Langley. But, I could not pin-point the exact location as I was not sure of the direction. However, during that blind drive, I had noticed a few things. First, from the direction we had started the journey, I was quite sure we had taken the ‘Interstate 495 N’ and after a few minutes, we had taken a right turn, which meant that we were either on the Dulles Toll Road or on the ‘Interstate 66 E’. But, since I could not hear any air traffic anywhere on the route, I was quite sure we had not taken the Dulles Toll Road and had, in all probability, taken the ‘Interstate 66 E’. Then, after some time, maybe about an hour later, we took a left, and, since it did not feel like a small internal road, and partially due to the noise of the traffic giving a hint about the speed of the vehicles, I believed that we were on ‘Interstate 81 N’. After about a couple of hours, we had turned right. Again, the traffic and the noise had told me that we were on an interstate and when I checked online, I found out that in that duration the only interstate we could have hit was ‘Interstate 64 E’. After that I lost track of the route but, we drove for another couple of hours before taking another big right. From that time on, we drove for