Page 56 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

another hour or so before we came to a halt. I was not quite sure at that time about where we were, and no one else had any idea either. However, looking at the online maps, I could guess that we were somewhere near Charleston, West Virginia, which I later came to know was a correct guess. When we got off the bus, the sight present before us was nothing less than unbelievable. That facility was definitely much bigger than CYBERIA. We were dropped right outside the facility. Daniel told us that vehicles were not allowed inside the facility and were usually parked in the parking zones located about a kilometer from the facility. However, we were dropped-off right at the main gate as an exception. I observed that there were security personnel standing guard all over. It seemed that they were standing at around twenty meters away from each other outside the main wall. They were armed to the teeth. I am not quite aware of the various kinds of weapons available with the armed forces but I am quite sure that the security personnel at that site had the most sophisticated Technology in their possession as their guns, visors, armor etc. did not appear ordinary or like the ones I had seen with army personnel on earlier occasions. I also saw some armored vehicles standing guard and about half a dozen jeep mounted guns conducting security rounds. We could also see some Heavy
Machine Guns mounted on the perimeter wall.

Daniel guided us through the security checks at the entrance. There were Biometric checks like fingerprint scanning, Iris scanning, and body scan. There was a DNA scan as well but Daniel told us that the DNA scan was for entry into the inner core only. The first thing I noticed, in fact everybody noticed, was a huge gun in the middle