Page 57 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

of the compound. Everyone, including me, was still wondering about the gun when Daniel told us that it was an anti-aircraft gun and there were six of those present at various important points in the facility, along with a missile-shield arrangement as well. While taking us to the main building structure, he told us that like CYBERIA, that site was also located in an underground system that ran deep enough to be safe from any kind of nuclear attack.

At the main entrance, after the checks were done, we were given a security card with all our information. When we entered the main building, those cards were automatically scanned by the sensors and the details were displayed on the security monitors for the security to check. Another DNA test was done at that point and the results were matched by the system with those from the one at the main gate. There is one thing I forgot to mention; our phones and all other electronic gadgets were taken and kept in security deposit boxes in a vault at the main entrance itself. Once all checks were completed, the system opened the access doors to the facility. Once inside, Daniel met with the facility incharge and exchanged a few words with him before introducing him to us:

“Please meet Dr. Henry Starinsky. He is the project incharge at this facility. He would introduce all of us to the site and the various areas that form the project site”. 

Then, Dr. Starinsky addressed us as follows: