Page 58 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

“I would like to welcome all of you to the project site of ‘MAXIMUS’. This project is not yet operational as it is still under preparation. We had divided it into four stages of twelve months each and we completed the third stage six days ago. So, there are still twelve more months left for the system to be fully functional as per the original plan. The programmers from CYBERIA, that is you guys, were to join us in the fourth stage to bolster our programming team as we all know the collective strength of your team. Thus, had this unforeseen instance not occurred, you would have joined us in the next fortnight in any case. But, now that we are faced with an emergency, we have been forced to scale up our efforts and complete it at the earliest. Keeping that it in mind, all of you and the current team at MAXIMUS would work hand in hand, day and night to try and cut the time line to at least a third of the original, I would shortly introduce you to the current team and the layout of the project site. But, before that, we have an urgent video-conference regarding the emergency before us. Kindly follow me to the conference hall where our existing team is already waiting for all of you. Come” 

When we reached the conference hall, we found that one section was already filled with the existing team and the other section was completely empty, clearly meant for us. When all of us had settled down, Daniel and Dr. Starinsky got up on the podium to address us. First, Dr. Starinsky spoke,

“(looking at the section where the existing team was seated) I would like all of you to welcome the team from CYBERIA who have been sent to bolster our resources and provide a much needed boost to our progress. I know it is