Page 60 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

When the screen lit up, we found the President addressing us from the Central Command Center at the White House. And, as Daniel had mentioned, he was accompanied by the Secretary of State and others. He immediately began his address:

“I am sure all of you can understand the gravity of the situation. The whole world is under the control of a person about whom we do not know anything. Everyone at the FBI, The CIA, and the NSA, along with other agencies, is trying hard to get more information about who is this maniac that we are dealing with. However, our best chance is with you guys, the brains behind “CYBERION-1” AND “MAXIMUS”. I have been told that you would be able to get “MAXIMUS” operational in next two months. I hope you are able to do so. In the meantime, we will try and see if we can find some other way to fight him or to destroy “CYBERION-I”. The biggest mistake we committed was building it right beneath the Pentagon. So, to destroy it, we would have to destroy the Pentagon as well. Anyways, we will try and think of something. In the meantime, you guys try your best to be prepared in case all other efforts fail. One more thing . . . . right now MAXIMUS is a secret whose existence is not present in any file anywhere. We have kept it completely off the grid. And, we would try our best to keep it that way. Every communication would be sent by hand so it would be a lot slower than digital communication. Therefore, for any situation, try and inform us as much in advance as possible. All said, good luck to all of you and please, try better than your best.”

After that, Dr. Starinsky got up and said: