Page 61 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

“That was the last video-conference with the Pentagon for security purposes. We want to keep our location a secret till we are in a position to counter “CYBERION-I” (looking at us). All of you are new to the facility And would require an Orientation which would happen at 0600 hours tomorrow morning. Right now, I would like to request you to move to the mess for dinner and retire early as we have some hectic time ahead”.

After that, we moved to the mess for dinner, where Daniel and Dr. Starinsky introduced a few of us to each other, and gave us the duty to further the mutual introductions between the whole group. By the end of the dinner time, which went for quite long, I believe everyone had been introduced to at least a few people from the other group.

* * *

The next day, we assembled in the conference hall sharp at 0600 hours, arrangements of coffee and snacks were inside the conference hall and were ready to be served so that no time was wasted in breakfast and maximum time was utilized in briefing, presentation and work. When everyone had settled down, Dr. Starinsky got up on the podium and began the presentation:

“Good morning everyone. We will begin the day with a presentation for the benefit of our new colleagues, We will focus on the major sections and building layout of our project site here, on the work progress of the system with details on what has been done and what is left to be done.