Page 62 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

We have also been conducting tests alongside for the last six months and we would spend some time on that as well.”

With that he began the presentation giving details about the site structure. The ground level was the second-largest level and had the security cordons, the maintenance wing, the Garages, the ammunition depot, accommodations for the security personnel, and certain other miscellaneous structures. The next level, level “G-1”, had accommodations for the support staff; level “G-2” had accommodations for the maintenance crew; “G-3” had accommodations for the administration staff and level “G-4” had accommodations for the core team comprising of technicians, engineers and programming staff. The last level, level “G-5”, was the largest level as it comprised of not only a central area but also of a few tunnels running off in various directions leading to certain other important structures. The access to the various levels was through multiple elevators that stopped at all levels unlike the ones at CYBERIA that were level specific.

Then, he gave details about the most important and the largest level of the site, “G-5”. At that level, the central area that had the main system installed was almost fifty percent larger than the whole ground level. Then, there was a section for the administration staff containing various cabins, open halls and conference rooms. There was a conference hall at one end of the level, which was almost as big as the one on the ground level. There was a Core Control Room (CCR), which was as big as the conference hall. There were three more sections at that level for other activities.