Page 65 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

system was completely stripped of the programming. Thus, it was left to the combined team of programmers from CYBERION-1 and MAXIMUS to rewrite everything from scratch. We had to ensure that our programs were far superior in capability, speed and stealth than those of Alexander to overcome his defenses. Thus, we were on the center-stage and everyone else, who had already done their jobs, was there to support us as a unit. And, they actually did more than what was required of them.

Through the next twenty days, while the programmers worked almost twenty hours a day writing the code for the system, they helped us in every possible way. From our smallest of requirements to our most serious demands, they managed and arranged everything to keep us seated in our chairs. From pens to paper, from water to coffee, from meals to clothes. I actually remember one of programmers being fed by a colleague from administration division by hand as she, our colleague, noticed he hadn’t had anything for forty-eight hours straight. When we had a meet-up with the hardware specialists to try and understand where all can we hit the system to paralyze it, apart from the usual hit points that we could think of, they literally tore apart their hardware manuals to come up with a list of other possible hit-points within a day.

We went through every possible defect that could have been used by us against CYBERION-1, we created a mountain of programming, we almost moved heaven and earth to find a way to beat Alexander and CYBERION-1, but, in spite of our best efforts, we could not come up with anything that could ensure our success. After all, we could not afford to wage a war without a guaranteed