Page 66 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

win as such a war could end up with Alexander gaining control of MAXIMUS as well and that would have meant a final blow to the rest of the mankind’s chances against Alexander.

On the twenty-first day of our operations, one of our programmers requested for a meeting within the group as he said he had an alternative, a possible solution to our problem. Everyone from the programming team rushed to the sound-proof conference room with high hopes and excitement. However, what he said in the meeting did not exactly light any fires. In fact, it forced some of the team members to actually laugh at him for bringing up something they believed to be useless, ridiculous and a wastage of time. But, a handful of us, three to be precise, heard what he said and asked him to explain himself to make us believe that whatever he said was a possibility. He, Neville, had suggested quite a unique approach. He had said at the beginning of the meeting:

“Guys, we have tried every possible trick we could think of and have wracked our brains to thread all the gaps in the codes we had written for CYBERION-1 to ensure MAXIMUS to be far more secure than its predecessor. However, we have not been able to come up with a way to defeat that system. So, I thought that we should open up our minds to unconventional means and ideas. Well, thinking on those lines, I remembered that I had on online friend who used to discuss with me his concept on changing the understanding of the computers to increase their speed and efficiency. He is from New Delhi, India, but we have not been in touch for the last three years as I was busy with CYBERION-1 and