Page 67 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

now with MAXIMUS. He used to tell me that he was experimenting with an Ancient Indian Language, Sanskrit, to form the basic language of the computers instead of the modern languages like English. He was absolutely certain that Sanskrit is a language that was developed by Ancient Indians keeping in mind the nature of energy and energy-flow. In other words, it was developed with a scientific bent of mind unlike languages of our times that have evolved and metamorphosed into their present state without any scientific basis and due to human factors only like, migration, intermingling of population, physical changes, etc. As per him, it could change the nature of the computers and would let them evolve significantly.”

This was where everyone had started shaking their heads and calling it a waste of time. But when the three of us asked him to elaborate on his point, he continued thus: 

“I know it is hard to digest. It was the same for me. It took me three months of continuous debate and discussion with Param, my friend from India, to actually believe that whatever he said had some weight. It was not illogical. There was certainly some sort of logic in what he said.”

“And . . . What was that?” asked someone.

“See . . . . almost everyone in the world creates computer codes and programming in English and most of the computer world believes and agrees that it does not matter what language we use for programming as the computer understands it only in its own electronic languages of “1s” (ones) and “0s” (zeros). When someone from NASA proposed in 1984 that Sanskrit is the best language for