Page 71 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

minutes, we were sitting face to face with the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Chief Security Advisor, the Chief of Intelligence, and the heads of NSA and CIA. We explained the idea to them and after a lot of debate on the idea, they finally acceded and agreed to send us to India to locate Param. They gave orders for a Jet to be prepared for our trip to India. However, I reminded them that Alexander controls CYBERION-1 and that meant that he would receive an immediate notice if a special Jet is flown out with members of the team that created CYBERION-1. Therefore, I suggested that our trip should look like a vacation of some sort rather than a part of some plan. 

I was quite sure that Alexander was keeping an eye on us even though we weren’t using any electronic devices, neither for personal use nor at our project site. Everything at our project site was totally detached from the outer world. We weren’t connected to any computer network or telecommunication network etc. and since we were located way below the basement, even the satellites could not connect to us. Even at the White House, where we had the meeting, the security cams were disabled and there weren’t any computers or any other electronic device in use. Even though I knew in my heart that he was tracking us through a satellite, I was content that at least he did not know what we were planning as he could not hear us through any microphone or mobile phone or read us through a security cam.