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Before leaving for India, Daniel had called up one of his friends at the US Embassy at New Delhi that we were on our way to India for a short vacation. Daniel told us that it was his way to communicating to his friend that he was visiting for a special mission. Mr. Rourke, the Chief Security Adviser, also called up someone in India to ask them to make arrangements for our stay in India and to take care of all our needs and requirements, calling us his special friends. He later informed us that he had called up the Head of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), the chief Intelligence agency of India. As all of them were already aware of the situation and knew that it had happened due to a failed NSA project, it would have been quite apparent to them that no one from NSA or CIA would be going anywhere, at least not for a vacation.

When we landed at the Delhi Airport, there was a small team of RAW officials waiting for us. However, since we were at the airport and had security cams all around, we told them that we would visit Mr. Rawat, the Head of RAW, after visiting our embassy and told them we wanted to ensure all the arrangements for our accommodation and outstation trips were in place. Then, we went straight to our embassy from where we were taken to a Bungalow that the embassy had taken on lease for stays of people like us. A verbal message had already been conveyed to Mr. Rawat, and, in about an hour after we had reached the Bungalow, he arrived along with a couple of other senior RAW officials.

Daniel explained to them the reason for our visit that we were looking for a computer expert who had been conducting research on the possibility of using Sanskrit