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as the root language of computers as we were planning on using his services to create a computer code that could help us get back the control of our computer from Alexander.

While Daniel was explaining the whole intent to them, one of the officials accompanying Mr. Rawat started fidgeting in his chair and a strange look came on his face as if he wanted to say something. As soon as Daniel finished what he was saying, he, Mr. Khosla, started before anyone also could say anything,

“Could you tell us a bit more about that person you are looking for?”

Daniel motioned at Neville to tell him about Param. 

“The person we are looking for is Param. He had told me that He had graduated from some big institute, and, if I remember the name correctly, it was Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi. We had met at an online convention of White-Hat Hackers and at that time, he was pursuing his Masters Degree at the same institute. We never met in person but used to meet online almost every other day. He is about six-feet tall, bearded, with slightly longish hair . . . .”

“And he is slightly eccentric with a habit of over-elaborating a point of discussion to prove his point . . . .”

“Yes, yes . . .” responded Neville, with visible excitement.

“And had lost his parents in a road accident when he was in the last year of school, and, since his relatives had thrown