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“Oh! So they are looking for Veer. Yes, I know him and am really proud of his exploits in the short time he has spent with us. But, what is this thing about his research in Sanskrit?” asked Mr. Rawat.

“Sir, if you remember, when we hired him, he had told us about his research for his Ph.D. and had put a condition before us that he would work for straight twenty days in a month and would, then, leave for 10 days at a stretch, and while we had accepted that condition, you were wondering about the topic of his research and he had said that he would inform us once everything was in order,” said Mr. Khosla.

“Yes, I remember that.”

“Well. That is the topic of his research, “Use of Sanskrit as the root language of a computer to increase its speed, power and efficiency” and he has been working quite hard at it. From what I know, he has a team of about twenty programmers, all of them his friends, who have been working on that project by putting together all their incomes, their grant money, and independent funding. I think they have their lab in Rohini (an area in North Delhi). However, luckily, we would not have to go that far. Today, he is working in office. So, from here, Vasant Vihar, to our office is the only distance we have to cover. So, if you are ready, we can meet him in less than 30 minutes,” explained Mr. Khosla.

And, true to his words, we reached the RAW headquarters in less than 30 minutes. But, we did not get out immediately. Mr. Khosla and Mr. Rawat got out of their car