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and went inside to get all Security-Cams, Microphones and Computers disconnected as per the information given by us that those were Alexander’s eyes and ears. He had an eye in the sky as well but there was hardly anything we could do about it. Our main intention was to prevent him from listening to our conversations. And, in keeping with that, they got everyone to switch off their phones and kept all of them in a locker. Once all that was taken care of, we got out of our car and went inside. We were taken to a conference room in one of the Sub-Basement levels. Mr. Khosla and Mr. Rawat joined us in the room in another five minutes and accompanying them was Mr. Param Veer Singh.

Neville immediately got up and went to him to greet him. Mr. Singh was pleasantly surprised at seeing Neville. After all, they were meeting after a long gap of two-and-a-half years, and more importantly, they were seeing each other in person for the first time in their friendship of almost five years. 

After a round of introductions, Mr. Khosla spoke to Mr. Singh thus:

“Veer, I always used to wonder if there was anything worthwhile in your research. But, today, I have the proof right in front of my eyes. These people have come here looking for your support in the biggest Cyber project of all time. For almost a month or so, you and your team here at RAW have been working hard trying to bolster our security against this Cyber-terrorist called Alexander . . . .”

“Yes, and we have failed miserably. After all, he has a super computer at his disposal, which we do not”, said Param cutting him short.