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“And that is where we can help you”, intervened Daniel, “We can provide you with a supercomputer. We already have one and we have been working hard to prepare it for a showdown against Alexander. We have almost completed the programming for the same but we believe it is not enough. Neville here told us about your research into Sanskrit and its possible use in computer programming. We are extremely interested in that idea and wish to use that to our advantage. However, the problem is that we do not know anything about Sanskrit and since we do not know the language, we cannot use it in our machine. So, we would like you to be the part of our team and help us fulfill our mission.”

“I understand the critical nature of your project and would love to be a part of the project if my government allows me to do so,” said Param.

Then, it was my time to intervene and I said, “But the big question that we are facing is how would we be able to transform everything in the machine with only one person working on it with the knowledge of the new language?” 

“Do not worry about that. I have a team of twenty computer experts, some of the best minds in the country in this field, who have been working alongside me for the last few years and know everything I know about my idea and are as competent with the language as I am. If you would allow me, I would like to bring them on board for the mission. It is a fact that I alone would not be able to manage everything, I need a team as your existing team would not be able to help me at all. I have the team that knows our hardware, our software and all the basic principles behind our research,” replied Param.