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To this, Param replied, “We can. We definitely can. All of us were to gather in our lab tonight to discuss something important. So, if you wish, we can leave for the lab in another couple of hours and meet them there.”

We had lunch at the RAW headquarters and after relaxing for a couple of hours, we left for Param’s lab in two separate cars. One had Daniel along with Mr. Khosla and Mr. Rawat and the second had I, Neville and Param. We reached his lab at Rohini in about an hour. A couple of his friends were already there. They were surprised at seeing the rest of us. Param told them that he would explain everything once all the team members were present. Then, he took us to a conference room. Shortly afterwards, say in about half-an-hour, every team member of Param’s team was present in the room with us.

Once everyone was seated, Param introduced us to his team and explained the reason of our visit. He also told them that he had proposed that his whole team should accompany him and the same had been accepted. He, then, asked all of them if they would like to work on the project with him. Everyone looked at each other and in a few moments, one by one, everyone had expressed their acceptance of the offer. So, we had a new team for ourselves.

* * *

As planned, we went out to visit the Taj Mahal at Agra and the Pink City, Jaipur, for about two-and-a-half days. By the time we returned, Mr. Khosla, Mr. Rawat and Param had already prepared the list of the team members along with details of the routes everyone was taking; the names,