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addresses and contact details of the hotels where everyone was to stay; and the approximate time when they could be picked from that location.

We went through the list and found that they had done an excellent job. Almost everyone was taking a different route like via Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Doha, Hong Kong, Istanbul, etc. with a couple of them flying straight from New Delhi to the States on Air India and United, one of them being Param. They, then, planned on taking a further connection to a nearby city and then, either take a train to Charleston or drive down in a rental. As for their Visas, before leaving for Agra, Daniel had already had a word with the Ambassador, and, all the Visas were taken care of in less than two days.

Once we had scanned the list around three times to ensure there were no loose ends, and all of us were ready to leave, Param said, “There is something that I would like to discuss. I believe we should have one more person on our team.”

“One more person! Who? Why?” asked Daniel.

“For the last six years, I have been in constant touch with a cyber expert. We have become good friends over time and have been studying each other’s work for these last six years. Looking at his work and knowing of his feats, I believe he is one of the best in the trade. Therefore, I believe we should have him in our ranks. The best thing that he will bring to our program is trickery. He is definitely the best in the league when it comes to tricking the system.”