Page 83

“But who is he?” asked Daniel again.



“Well . . . . that is not his real name. That is what he goes by with, in the cyber world,” said Param.

“Do You mean Prometheus-the Fire God?” I asked.

“Yes . . . . Yes . . . . Do you know him?”

“Every hacker with any bit of talent knows Prometheus and about his exploits. I say he would be a good addition to the team if we are able to find him.”

“I know where he lives,” said Param.

“Oh! And I thought no one knew where he lived.”

“Well . . . . we are good friends. He gave me his physical address last year. He lives in Chicago. We can definitely ask for his help. In fact, I believe we SHOULD ask for his help.”

It was decided that I and Neville would accompany Param to go and ask Prometheus to help us out once Param reached USA. We were to go to Chicago, where he lived, by train and bring him to Charleston.