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inch exuded. The door was opened by an elderly woman who, as we later came to know, was Prometheus’ mom and had been living with Chris because of her bad health. When we told her that we wanted to meet with Chris Forlin (Prometheus’ real name), she inquired about the reason we wanted to meet him and about who we were. We introduced ourselves as his friends and told her that Param had come all the way from India to meet him. She invited us in and asked us to wait in the living room while she called Chris from the basement. I am quite sure that Chris must have been thrilled to hear about Param as it did not take him more than a couple of minutes to join us in the living room and his heavy breathing suggested that he must have climbed the stairs quite quickly.

Chris wasn’t a young man like us. He was at least Forty if not more. It was surprising for me to see such nice friendship between two men belonging to two different age groups and who were quite different from each other in almost every sense. Param was only twenty-six compared to Chris’ Forty. Chris was an American while Param was an Indian living half-a-world away. Param had an athletic built and was almost as tall as I am whereas Chris was chubby and not tall by any standards.

Param and Chris met quite warmly. Param introduced us to Chris and explained the purpose of our visit. After hearing all the details, Chris said,

“Why should I help you guys? Your government has always tried to block hackers like us. I have always tried to uphold the best interests of our country and our countrymen but the government has never appreciated my efforts. Today,