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you have come to me because some lunatic is beating you on your own turf and at your own game. However, once it will all be over with, I would again be forgotten and would again be put under restrictions. So, again, why should I help your government?”

To that I replied, “From what I know of Prometheus, he doesn’t care about his personal gains and profits but of the gains and profits he can make for the cyber world. Keeping that in mind, I believe you would help us in any way that you can. Till sometime back, the freedom on the net was somehow restricted and the governments used to watch over each and everything, and used to put limits on our attempts and endeavors. Today, that role has been snatched from the hands of the government and is now in the hands of one individual and he controls and restricts everything. He has the power to cripple the whole Internet if he wanted to, like he did with the stock markets around the world and the Banking Networks. I seriously believe that you are not the kind of person who would let such a thing happen.”

“How can you have any belief about what I can or cannot do? You don’t know me”

“I do know you. In fact, I knew about your identity and address even before Param gave us that info. I just kept that fact to myself.”

“And . . . . how did you get all that information?”

“Well . . . . we had a face-off about three years ago. That’s how”