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“First, I am not the kind of person who is too proud to take anyone’s help if it is required. Second, it is too  big a project to take any chances and we can use all the good brains we can find. Third, you were the only one to pose a serious threat to my defense mechanism. You were the only one to come up with such a serious attack that got me real nervous. And, the only one about whom I did not report to the authorities as I found out that your intentions weren’t bad like others,” I replied.

“Good . . . . good . . . . now you have got my nerves tingling. I am ready to work with you. But, one thing is bothering me for the last three years. After our “face-off”, I tried to find out about your identity out of curiosity. However, the more I looked, the stranger it got for me. For a person who is almost a legend among his contemporaries in the digital world, you have no digital footprint whatsoever. The only information I could find out was about your college where you were enrolled. But, when I checked out your details, I found out that they were all bogus. You somehow managed to get the college authorities to accept those details as authentic but, they were definitely fake. You used the name John Webbon, but, I could not find any details for any John Webbon in any database on the planet. It is as if you do not exist. Leave alone anything else, I couldn’t even find out your real name. So, can you tell me your real name?” asked Chris.

“It may sound clich├ęd but didn’t Shakespeare say ‘What’s in a name?’ . . . . I do not think telling anyone about my real name would make any difference to who I am. And, I kind of like the name ‘Robin’,” I replied.