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and had contacted the world only through his recorded video messages. The only thing known about him was his photograph that used to appear in his video messages. Even though there could not be any threat to him due to his weapons’ stockpile, he did not take any chances. Once he had taken control of all computer-controlled weapons that did not require any human intervention, he went ahead and destroyed all arms and ammunition depots in the world. With that he had further limited the strength of the armies of the world and that meant that he had become even more powerful than before.

Once he had all the military power in the world in his hands, he moved on to other things. He took control of the Banking network around the world. He locked out all bank vaults around the world that had electronic controls. He did not stop any banking operations but released a message to all bank managements around the world stating that he would let the operations continue as long as they worked as per his regulations. He emptied all the accounts in the world that fell in the following categories:

1. Accounts held by Individuals suspected of involvement in Narcotics trade controlled by Drug Cartels

As per official estimates, the worldwide drug trade was worth as much as $400 Billion. Several unofficial estimates suggested that as much as $1.6 Trillion was locked up in bank accounts of those involved in this illegal and immoral trade to convert such illegal money into clean money. It was a different thing that the actual money controlled by such drug cartels was a much higher number as most of it was held in form of cash or precious metals or precious