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stones. Nobody could understand that move by Alexander. On one hand, he was attempting at creating anarchy by disrupting normal political and economic order of the world, and, on the other hand, he was trying to destroy the crime syndicates working around the world.

2. Accounts held by owners and promoters, known and disguised, of Casinos—both Real and Online Casinos

The annual business generated by Casinos around the world, including online operations, was as high as $200 Billion, and some pretty clear estimates suggested that the promoters and owners held as much as $1.5 Trillion in clean money held in Bank Accounts. Alexander swiped all that off from those accounts.

3. Other accounts held by people suspected of any kind of activity controlled by any Crime Syndicate

Taking into account other kinds of Criminal Activities controlled and managed by Crime Syndicates, like Hawala, Betting, Illegal Arms Trade, etc., Alexander cleaned up another $800 Billion from several Bank Accounts.

4. Accounts held by promoters, owners and major shareholders of Private Companies engaged in Weapons’ manufacturing, as well as the corporate accounts of those companies

We were able to find out that he cleaned out $2.5 Trillion from such accounts. In effect, he rendered all such companies with no means to continue any operations. Once he had taken out all the money from their accounts, he