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launched missiles to destroy all the manufacturing facilities of those companies. That meant that there could not be any more weapons built by the private sector for anyone. The biggest impact was on the supply of hand held weapons and their ammunition. And, since those were the only ones usable against him, it meant that sooner or later, there would not be any weapons in the world outside his control.

Thus, in total, he had cleaned off about $6.4 Trillion from the banks around the world. That was a mind-boggling figure and it was almost hard to believe that someone had the ability to bring the whole banking operations in the world to their knees. But, with world’s most advanced and the best computer at his disposal, Alexander managed to do that. The best part was the speed with which all that was done. We assumed that he had already gathered the knowledge about those accounts before-hand and therefore, his only task was to break-in and enter and take the money, which he managed at an incredible speed. His takeover of the Defense systems and the Banking networks was only a day’s work for him. When he took over the Banking networks, he issued a stern warning that in case any bank attempted to force open its vaults or to disconnect their networks’ outside connections in any way, there would be immediate strikes on that bank to destroy it. And, when a couple of banks did not pay heed to his warning and tried to open their vaults, he immediately fired a missile on each of them and completely destroyed them. He recorded the action against the banks and relayed it to all the television networks in the world. That was enough for the other banks to forget about going against his orders.