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"The novel is gripping. Has lot of sci fi, warfare, computer hacks, international scenes in it. It takes back and forth cyber thriller style discussions with various international spy agencies. Writing style is easy to read and keep one glued to seat. Nice book for long plane rides/beaches."


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"The novel keeps you totally involved in the possible future of mankind. Many twists and turns occur in the book. Writing style is very simple, but keeps you engrossed in the book. The ending makes one think of the possible results to the future of mankind. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about the possible futue of our planet."

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Annihilation: Almost: Time to Start Again by Raj paints a world that seems fairly familiar to most of us. .................. In this case, the story poses the possibility of one such digital apocalypse and just how far it could all go down the tubes. Events are told through the eyes of a gifted hacker turned vigilante turned government resource...........

........... I found Annihilation: Almost: Time to Start Again by Raj an absorbing and ultimately thought-provoking read about a possible future peril.