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His third major action was ordering the closure of all such establishments that he perceived to be aiding in the rise of criminal activities. Such establishments included Casinos, Bars and pubs of all kinds, Shops selling Alcohol, Shops selling Arms and Ammunition, Shops selling Pornography, Establishments for legalized Prostitution, and etc. He also ordered closure of businesses such as production of Alcohol, Tobacco products, and etc. He gave a time limit of two days to comply with the orders failing which he threatened immediate strikes on the cities where such establishments existed. As a warning, he fired a couple of missiles at an alcohol production facility in United States and completely destroyed it.

Alexander had tried to force his policies on all the governments but the governments decided to try and get back the control by force. At that, Alexander launched nuclear missiles at all major cities with seats of governance like Washington DC, London, Delhi, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, and several other cities, and, destroyed all those cities along with all the government offices and heads of governments. Then, where there were standalone government installations in a city, he fired smaller ballistic missiles to destroy those buildings. After that, he had complete control of all major countries of the world like the US, Russia, India, China, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, etc. and once he had taken them over, the smaller countries simply surrendered without a fight.

I wasn’t quite sure at that time whether what he was doing was good or bad, but, I never accepted it as right.