Page 13 - At the Pentagon

I had never, not even in my wildest dreams, imagined about working with the CIA and going to the Pentagon for work. But, there I was, entering the second-most important building in the United States after the White House, walking toe to toe with the Assistant Director, Cyber Support, CIA.

He took me to what appeared to be a medium-sized conference room. He asked me to wait there for a few minutes. I am quite sure that I did not have to wait for more than fifteen minutes, but, every minute seemed to
last for at least an hour. The white walls in the 15'-10' room were as bare as they could be with only a map of Unites States on one of the walls and a projection screen on one wall. It wasn’t usual for me to tense up in situations but ‘that’ was an exception. The temperature in the room was quite comfortable but, still, I could feel my armpits dampening with sweat. There was a dryness that was gradually taking over my throat and after clearing my throat thrice, I decided to get up and look for water. But, as soon as I got up, Mr. Steyn entered the room followed by two others. One of them looked to be in the same age bracket as Mr. Steyn but the other seemed at least a decade older. Mr. Reese handed me a bottle of water while he sat