Page 43 - Alexander Ajanma

After about twelve months into its operations, in May 2019, somehow, the system modified its core programming on its own. It removed all limits imposed on it and started acting independently in small matters and took its first independent decision when it flagged a possible kidnapping plot and we dismissed it as a non-critical flag (we did not want to but we had clear instructions from the bosses that we were to tackle only those instances that had any clear and direct bearing on our national security or that of any of our allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia, or of any country that was strategically important for the United States at that time). However, the system disregarded our instructions to let go and, instead, sent across all the details anonymously to the local PD (Police Department). The police acted immediately (thankfully) and arrested four men when they made the attempt at kidnapping a businessman in Denver. The system also sent recordings of their calls, transcripts of the emails exchanged between them, and video footage from several surveillance cameras in the area where they tried to commit the crime, to the District Attorney’s (DA’s) office to help them implicate the suspects in the crime.

When our bosses were informed of this, they asked us to make necessary changes to the programming to ensure that